Helping Hands + MORE Realtors Fall Clean Up

This past fall Helping Hands teamed up with MORE Realtors to clean up a widow’s backyard. Our homeowner lost her husband a few years ago and while she has help from her family, the yard clean up became overwhelming. The Helping Hands crew along with some awesome Realtors at MORE laid new mulch in the front yard, trimmed up over-grown trees and bushes, raked leaves and disposed of a lot of miscellaneous items that were no longer of use or needed. The transformation was so cool to see and our sweet homeowner was filled with joy!

Who We Are

Helping Hands Midwest is a non for profit that serves people throughout the Metro East. Helping Hands was founded by a local family that truly loves to serve others. Throughout our own struggles that range from single motherhood to penny pinching at the grocery store, we have witnessed God provide for all of our needs by sending many helping hands throughout those trying times. It is now our mission to provide a helping hand whenever we are able. 

Helping Hands assists families and individuals with indoor and outdoor home repair and clean up. Often times the families and individuals that receive support have had an event happen in their life that causes them to get behind on maintenance and upkeep of their home. Helping Hands schedules a date or two with the homeowner and brings in a crew of volunteers with different skills to do yard work, home organization and repairs ranging from electrical to carpentry to general maintenance. 

The goal in doing all of this is first and foremost to share Christ’s love. We know the loneliness that comes from dwelling in a space that is uninviting. Our goal is to show folks that they in fact are not alone and they matter. By taking some of the overwhelming tasks off of their shoulders, their home becomes a peaceful place to live and reinstates pride in ownership.

Helping Hands Midwest is only able to continue to lend a helping hand to those in need because of our generous volunteers and donors. 

Giving Back

In June Helping Hands organized an outdoor and indoor home clean up to assist in the sale of a local family’s home. Due to age and some health concerns, the couple needed to move to be closer to their family to care for them.

One of our Helping Hands donors purchased the home from the couple so they could move as soon as possible. Helping Hands volunteers then removed carpet to expose the beautiful hardwood floors, cleaned the entire home, trimmed all of the landscaping and removed debris to showcase the back patio. Now that the home is in better shape to be sold, it will be put on the market. All of the extra money that is made on the sale of the home will be given to the couple so that they will be able to live out the rest of their lives comfortably. The best part is the couple has NO idea that the plan is for them to receive extra money.

Thank you so much to everyone that came together on this project!